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2017 Winter Donor Appeal

2017 Winter Donor Appeal


Please help us continue to help people with MND by donating to our 2017 Winter Donor Appeal

The provision of equipment to support our members with MND is vital, it enables people with MND a degree of independence in day to day life. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will give people even greater independence by giving them the money to afford the services and support they need.

That is providing they are diagnosed under the age of 65.

Over 55% of our members diagnosed with MND are aged 65 or older; it is these members that won't qualify for the NDIS and will have to rely on Aged Care. However, because Aged Care services are inadequate for a lot of people with MND the provision of free equipment to these members will continue to be a priority for MND NSW.

While MND NSW has the drive, commitment and processes in place to provide equipment to members, it is donations that enable us to provide this vital service.

Will you help us ensure that all members with MND are able to access the equipment they need?

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