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2017 Christmas Appeal

2017 Christmas Appeal


  • 9623 calls to the MND information Line
  • MND Advisors visited 1,427 homes
  • 1,694 items of equipment were provided to members

Please help us continue to help people affected by MND by donating to our 2017 Christmas appeal.

Community impact

Earlier this year I was at the Riddla MND Golf Fundraiser, an annual local event organised by Ann  Ridd, raising funds for MND NSW. As I listened to Ann’s opening speech I was struck by the incredibly powerful impact of a community event - not only raising vital funds but the supportive  community created around the event. Here is an excerpt from Ann’s speech. Through your support we can continue to make an impact in the lives of our members. 

Kym Nielsen 


"Welcome to our 6th Riddla MND Golf Fundraiser! I want to thank each and every one of you here  today for your ongoing support of our fundraiser, which of course, is not only to have a great day  but to raise much needed funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSW. 

But today is not just about having a great day with your mates, it’s an opportunity to raise awareness of MND and funds for MND NSW. Nearly all of us here (have) heard of MND, but never understood what it was about. I know I was one of those people. But when our son, Nathan, was diagnosed in late 2011, we quickly learnt what this horrible disease was all about.  In short there is no cure, no medication to slow the disease and frustratingly absolutely nothing we can do.

I was trying to find a way to share with you how this debilitating disease affects sufferers. I thought  the best way was to read to you a class project that was given to Nathan’s daughter, Casey.  They had to write a speech about something people may not know. This is an excerpt…

Good morning 5/6W & Mrs Attard. Today I am going to be informing you about a rare disease called Motor Neurone Disease. It has no cure and not many people I know have it but the ones that do have MND I feel sorry for. MND isn’t caused by anything like smoking, not eating healthy or drinking too much alcohol. It just comes and it’s nobody’s fault. I know a lot about MND because sadly my dad has been diagnosed with it and I know how much he struggles. MND isn’t a disease that affects old non-fit and unhealthy people, it actually affects most young, fit healthy people, where they can’t speak properly, their muscles shut down completely and eventually they have to use a wheelchair. My dad was out surfing one day when he first got diagnosed with MND; suddenly he couldn’t paddle because the MND had got to the muscles in his arms and also his speech. Later on it spread into his legs and soon he needed a wheelchair. You may be wondering but what does he do all day and the answers to that are eat, drink, sleep and use the computer. He can still move his head and that’s about it, he has a special dot sticker on his forehead that has a camera inside that works like a mouse for the computer. Thanks to fundraising like the ice bucket challenge we have raised enough money to find a very important gene that causes MND. People who have MND normally only live up to two and half years but my dad is staying strong trying to fight this rather nasty disease and has lived more than double what he was supposed to. Thank you 5/6W for listening to my speech and I hope you have learnt a lot about MND. Thank you. 

MND NSW assists people with MND live life to the fullest, enabling members to remain living at home; they also subsidise ongoing cost of non-invasive ventilation so the task of breathing is easier. Computer access devices allow people to stay connected when speech and arm movements are hard. Many of you would have seen how wonderful the app on Nathan’s computer lets him converse with us all and keep in touch with social media and most importantly to Nathan, sports betting. They help make every moment count. This is why we are here today - o help them keep up their great and vital work.

Thank you!"

Ann Ridd

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